Taste Of Life | Luxury Home Show
Concept | Time as our most Valuable Luxury Design Brief | A curated exhibit of bringing passion for design to purpose through a meaningful exploration of materiality. Remember where we come from. An opportunity to help educate the Asian audience the authentic voice of making a true modern home that reflects an honesty of materials that is authentic to our BC story. Why | Before we can begin to appreciate the introduction & meeting of different cultures, we need to start by understanding where we come from. Remember where we come from in context of: Time, Place, Purpose and Legacy Where | The Taste for Life exhibit experience is an opportunity to provide a window in time to showcase the real BC story that is yet to be discovered When | When our communities become consumer driven disposable societies we risk the loss of our heritage and understanding of culture When school art programs lose funding and the Vancouver school board loses nearly 700 teachers a year to suburban districts our public school system is weighted by short term thinking When families come to Vancouver to seek a safe place for their children to be educated and have access to opportunity - building a home has never been so important What is home today has become a scary place when design forgets its purpose in time and place. Luxury is often misunderstood as a commodity you buy or is valued with a price tag. People often forget that our most valued luxury in today’s modern lifestyle is time. It takes time to learn what is of quality as it does to be of quality. We feel a deep gratitude for where we live and wish those who discover our Vancouver deserve to have the opportunity to learn about our true BC story Through a charitable collaboration called “Time” - Our Most Valuable Luxury featured at the Taste for Life Luxury Home Show, May 1-3, 2015. All net proceeds from the event will be donated to the following TIME IS OUR MOST SACRED YET LOST LUXURY Bringing together the design communities from not only Vancouver but as well BC, Barter Collective presents a reinvigorated product range to the international market where the appetite for heritage-rooted craftsmanship is blooming. Gaile Guevara & Barter Collective, a Canadian collaboration of BC designed with internationally renowned Jan Kath bring the story, history and and love of making to our world. For this year’s Luxury Home Show, Barter Collective and Gaile Guevara Studio are excited to present a unique installation that presents a vision of luxury deeply embedded in age-old heritage. The idea behind the crafts installation is to curate a sacred place dedicated to a moment in time, where we welcome through the tradition of tea with friends and family, a modern interpretation of the traditional ritual space, touching on Wabisabi (the beauty of imperfection) and its place in time. This space in time presents objects renewed from Barter Collective, furniture by Jeff Martin Joinery, lighting by Lock & Mortice & Matthew McCormick Lighting, greenscape by Nature, structure by Hanson Land & Sea that represent a meeting of BC materials & artisan making with wood, ceramics, textile, greenscape and lighting. The installation is designed by Gaile Guevara Studio to celebrate the honesty materials and their structure complemented by solid wood flooring in BC western cedar rescued by the borders of our waterscape. We welcome you to visit this place in time to remind us of our true BC Story.